Today, brunch is more popular than ever. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your beau, girlfriends, or family. It is that time of the week when you throw out your formal work wear and bring out the trendy, breezy and casual wear. 

Brunch is about pulling off an incredible rustic yet elegant look. Nothing too fancy is needed or mandatory but at the same time, you shouldn’t appear under-dressed. To pull off a great brunch look with bright and go-to colors like yellow, pink, blue, orange or with beautiful pastel shades. Since brunch dressing calls for something small yet different and eye-catching, you can accessorize your look with floral bracelets, simple pendant, a hat or finish your look with a small clutch or sling bag.

We have picked some of the trendiest Brunch looks shared on Marsplay App and compiled them for you for some brunch outfit inspiration.

Disney Characters in Real Life – Marsplay’s First Event in Bangalore

After games what was another mode of entertainment in your childhood? Cartoons, of course! And Disney played an important role in introducing us to many wonderful characters that hold a special place in our hearts. A little part in all of us wants to live their lives! Keeping this in mind, Marsplay community from Bangalore came up with the theme of their first shoot in the city.

The main idea behind the theme was, how that Disney prince or princess would look in today’s era? Read more and explore their styles.

November is here and it’s finally time to unpack all the transitional jackets, booties, sweaters & everything else from your winter closet. So, we decided to share some fall outfit ideas with you to make you look your best this season – the season where layering becomes a work of art. These fall outfit ideas are a 10 on 10 on fashion quotient but they will also keep you all cozy and warm.

It is that time of the year in India when our very own country dresses up like a bride with bling and fireworks all around the place. This is perhaps one of those times when everyone wants to look stylish in their favorite traditional outfits.
While most of you would be prepping up your shopping lists for this festive season we thought of coming up with some really quirky ideas to spice up your Diwali outfits to make your festive shopping experience better than ever.

If you are an avid follower of trends on  Marsplay app, you’d know how much people are obsessing over Ruffle Skirts. Truly, is there any other trend chicer than that of Ruffle Skirts?
From runways to streets, ruffle skirts have been spotted everywhere this season.
Today, we are sharing everything that you need to know about these flappy skirts which will make you rock this trendy look.
Here are the 8 ways to style a ruffle skirt.

Marsplay had collaborated with an accessories brand Knick Knack Nook for an Open Wardrobe Styling Event which was attended by six of our super stylish community members.
Prior to the event, we asked bloggers to choose any of the following looks and we provided them the accessories as per their look.

Look 1: Casual Look- Denim Jeans and Tee
Look 2: Formal Look- Pants and Shirt
Look 3: Ethnic Look- Long Skirt or Kurti
Look 4: Fusion Look: Kurti with Pants, Skirt with Crop Top
Read more to see how they styled the accessories during the event.

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Top 6 Marsplay Bloggers Who Are Giving Perfect Ethnic Vibes

Featuring “Ethnic Looks” style tips by our featured bloggers Sometimes it feels so good to give Indian vibes by wearing elegant ethnic dresses. Be it a wedding occasion or a breezy summer day, a perfectly styled ethnic outfit never fails. Check out these 6 Fashion Bloggers of Marsplay who are looking chic in their ethnic attires. Diksha Sharma “This grey embroidered dupatta is my favorite pick from my ethnic wardrobe. I have styled this with my grey gown. After all, an ethnic outfit is all…Continue Reading “Top 6 Marsplay Bloggers Who Are Giving Perfect Ethnic Vibes”