Learning Blog 1 — Guide to using Instagram Stories for your growth

A big hello and lots of love to our Marsplay community.

In this blog, we have compiled steps to help you come up with the most creative Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories, play an important role specially in life of people who are either an influencer or blogger. We have noted some points regarding the same, which you guys can try this week and see how they work for you.

Some of these you might really help you get the kind of engagement you desire.

So, here are some of the pointers —

1. Use poll option to get feedback from your users —

The main concern of any blogger is to connect with their audience. The connection that you build with your audience is the only thing that helps you grow. For this to happen, you and your audience needs to be on the same page. You need to know what your followers like/dislike.

The poll option in stories is the best thing to get feedback from your followers. Ask questions about what they would want to see more, what is it that they are liking about your content etc. Nobody has time to send you long messages regarding their views about your blog. But answering via poll just takes a second.

See how some of the best bloggers use poll option —

Example of how you can use polls to drive engagement

2. Make creative stories that stand out —

If you want your stories to stand out, use applications like Adobe Spark to create attractive stories. You can use text animations and a lot of interesting features or even create templates that are unique to your blog.
It’s super easy and fun to use the app to create stunning graphics for all occasions.

See some examples of posts you can create using Adobe Spark —

Using Adobe Spark to create posts

3. Use location and/or hashtags while posting any story —

Use at least either hashtag or location while posting any story. It won’t only increase your story views but people can actually visit your profile directly. So, in order to increase your overall discovery, using one of them is a must. 
If you stalk any renowned blogger from the bottom of their feed till now, you will see that everyone used hashtags in their posts to get some real traffic.

Using location and hashtags in stories

4. Talk to your audience in your Insta stories —

People love to see bloggers talk in their stories rather than watching one photo for good 10–12 seconds. Make to the point kind of videos. They will definitely make a connection between you and your audience. Try adding either something motivational or funny. Be the real you. Nobody likes to watch people only talking seriously, right.

Bloggers like thatbohogirl, missstylefiesta, larissa etc are some examples.

5. Make highlights of your best stories —

Some good examples of highlights

Making highlights of your best stories is so much in trend. People or brands judge your whole profile by watching highlights only. That’s why highlights are great for giving an overview about your blog.

You can add different highlights on which you can keep adding on in future.

Here are examples of some bloggers who have used highlights really well.

6. Use emoticons and gifs to add the fun element —

Using emoticons andgifs is the first basic thing that you need to keep in mind while creating any story. It adds a fun cute element to the story. But yes, don’t overdo it.

You might notice that your story gets more views than your posts in general. In that case, you can announce new post in your Instagram story.

You can do the same every time you post a new blog as well.

Using emojis and gifs in a creative way

7. Add text effects to make your text interesting to read —

There are so many options to get creative text effects (3D effect, light effect etc) for Instagram stories.You can even download background images from Google and type your text on that particular background. 
It’s usually good to have a good background rather than typing on a solid colour background. 
This Vlog of Shaurya Sandhaya tells us everything we need to know about text effects.

8. Use stories to create a hype —

Create hype of your upcoming Instagram posts, Giveaways because people watch stories more than the feed. So, whenever you post a new look or announce some giveaway just talk about that particular thing in your story which will create some hype and it will generate more traffic on your account.

9. Use swipe up if you have more than 10K followers

People who are having 10k or more than 10k, can use swipe up option to their stories to direct people to your blog or to a great find anywhere on the web. Almost every established blogger uses this feature. Thatbohogirl, Nikimehra are some examples.

Use swipe up option on your Instagram story

10. Zoom in/out your pictures according to what looks the best in stories

Instagram has given an amazing feature to zoom in or zoom out your pictures. Use it effectively. You can zoom in your pictures and add different colours to it. When you zoom in the background, it takes the colour of the photo which looks amazing.

11. Think on mini snippets that you can share as stories instead of posts or Vlogs

Stories have made things so easy for bloggers. They can now talk with their audience either by making a 30–40 second short video or by directly going live. Some bloggers put stories like- A day in my life, product reviews etc. Bloggers can’t put everything in feed. But obviously with stories there are endless options.

You can even create cool stop-motions to illustrate the process behind your styling or make-up tips.

Go live. Tell your story.

Now, go ahead and implement these creative story ideas during this week. And let’s us know if you get great results.

Stay connected for next week’s learnings! Let’s have a lot more fun together! 😃

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