Learning Blog 3 — How to design a feed that tells a story

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful week. This week, we have some interesting ideas for you to design you feed. Do pick up a few of them and experiment with it.

Maintaining a great feed is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself from the thousands of bloggers out there. Don’t you think?

Here are a few things to try.

1. Have a grid pattern to follow

Nowadays, every second blogger is working on creating some good grid on their Instagram profiles. And that’s because the feed does matter. You can take some inspiration from bloggers outside India as they have such amazing feeds.

Some great ideas to experiment with are- black and white, colourful or single colour.

Examples of feed design. The first one is called rainbow feed where you transition from one colour to another.

We know that it’s very difficult initially to follow some grid but yes one hack that we can suggest is to go with a single effect picture and apply it to all pictures that you post.

“I have choose warm colour feed for my profile and I literally just go with that effect for my every picture. You can try that too. This won’t only make your profile look good, but will also help in growing your account.” — Stuti, blogger at Swagitup (Click on link to check feed)

Using one effect in all your pictures can give a very nice effect to your feed.

2. Use hashtags according to pictures to increase engagement

Use correct hashtags on your photos, and please keep changing hashtags within a week or so. According to my experience, use hashtags according to the picture you are posting, if it’s a ruffle top and denim jeans, you can use these hashtags- #ruffletop #denimjeans #brandyouarewearing #fashionblogger #styleblogger #cityyoubelongto #whichstyleitis #bohoorstreet #someocassion etc.

Else use google and search for popular hashtags.

3. Update the location on your posts where you had shoot

Not to forget, if you have shared some pictures which you shot in some cafe or good place. Mention the location. People do search locations and then pictures of that particular location pop up.

Mention the location for better visibility for your posts.

4. Have to the point captions

Captions shouldn’t be too long, until and unless it’s absolutely necessary or it’s a story you want to convey. Make your short status do all the talking/ gain attention.

5. Always tag the brands

Tag the brands you are wearing or profiles which give shoutouts.

Along with that, also tag some good fashion applications which will probably give you shoutouts like Marsplay, Styledotme etc. There are certain pages as well which can give you shoutouts and collaborations. Pages like- Outfitofthediva, bnbmag, popxo, lbbdelhi etc. You can tag them in your posts.

Tag brands for better visibility. Also it makes your feed look professional.

6. Write an impressive bio

To create good bio is the most important part of your profile. Every person or company judges you through your bio only. Make it look nice and easy to understand. You can even use hashtags and mention some other page in your profile, isn’t that cool?

Things to remember while creating good profile:

1) A decent and nice profile picture which portrays the essence of your entire profile.

2) Mention your website link in your profile.

3) Try to talk about the niche in which you are blogging.

An example of great bio description that defines niche.

So, that’s all guys! I hope you got some amazing ideas from this blog post to try out in coming week. We look forward to seeing you use some of these ideas to create content this week.

We will also be hosting sessions with super bloggers to help you learn these things.

Let’s know if you enjoyed reading this blog post. This blog was compiled by your community curators Purnima Madan and Stuti Gupta. So, you can let them know if you loved it. ❤️️

Stay tuned for next week’s learnings.

Lots of love, 
Marsplay Team 💌

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