What is Cream and Lace Lookbook?

Marsplay’s first official lookbook started from a whimsical turn, we wanted to take the trending nude tones and create outfits with elements of fantasy here and there. We agreed on the name ‘Cream and Lace’ as it captured the whole ethereal romantic aura that we wanted to shoot. Cream and Lace LookBook is like taking a step in a piece of a small fairytale. Imagine a cozy little reading nook where you can devour your books and dive into the pages to be a part of them. All the outfits are dreamy and charming, we created a palette of rusty hues and pink pastels. All our props were chosen to go with our new mocha background, it was the perfect backdrop to create a boho-chic set up that we all love. The outfits don’t end in a seasonal dress code but they vary from formal and casual looks so that anyone who wants a dreamy ensemble can easily create it for any occasion. 

Our blogger Yukti was the perfect choice for our first lookbook, she has a classic style and an artist’s soul. In her free time, Yukti loves creating art pieces of her own. For her makeup, we wanted to keep it simple but enchanting so we had a light base and glowy skin, the eyes were highlighted with peach and champagne eye shadow, lots of mascara and strictly no eyeliner.



L OO K – 1

This one is literally a favorite of everyone at marsplay maybe because people with different tastes can wear this comfortably. Instead of a denim dungaree look, we layered a jumpsuit over an off shoulder bardot style forever 21 top. This casual look took a step up with the color choice, maroon and mustard color instantly makes for a classy fall vibe.


L OO K – 2

Diving into our love for rust hues. How can anyone have enough of this? classic polka dot paired with ripped denim jeans, this will do for a college outfit or day out with friends but obviously the real showstopper is the bag. Ket’s bring jute back in fashion, it sustainable and so rustic.


L OO K – 3

Why does clementine invoke old world charm? Maybe because it is always so beautifully depicted by artists and usually accompanies and a piece of poetry. This forever 21 dress was a successful find, paired with lace cream stockings and cozy terracotta shrug gives a super chill cozy vibe. The essence of ‘cream and lace’ lookbook has been perfectly represented by this one.


LOO K – 4

With this look, we tried to achieve a worn out and super casual home look, but keeping in mind that it has to go with our fairytale elements, in short, what will a princess chilling at home would wear? We found this skirt online which is so versatile that it can easily be transitioned to a goth look. This skirt is paired with a minimal white crop top (used in so many other lookbooks), cozy knee-high socks and the pretty ruffle skirt. All these needs is a fireplace and a blanket to cuddle all winter.


L OO K – 5

We combined two outfits for this blog post because they both are very similar to each other. These off shoulder pink dresses are what mostly inspired this lookbook, they are so dainty and gives Yukti a delicate porcelain doll look. The second dress is from ‘all about you’ which in itself is a very bohemian-pastel clothing line. One of our main intention with this lookbook was to create beauty without a lot of skin show and flaunting collar bones is the most graceful way to display feminine beauty.


L OO K – 6

Look 6 is a sophisticated one but definitely not your typical office one, we didn’t want to stick to everyday formal but give a fresher option to our readers. The ruffle beige skirt is trending everywhere, one can see it getting featured on street style bloggers and celebrities as well! Rather than pairing it with a simple shirt to keep it toned down we went all out and paired it with even more ruffles, this lace ruffle top is beautiful! and definitely enchanted everyone in the studio.

Tell us which outfit from the lookbook you liked the most in the comments section below ? And what inspiration you took from this that you would love to create with your lookbook?

Loved this? You’ll love this also-


Imagine a minimal wardrobe where you randomly pull out clothes and everything just magically works together. This is what we tried to create with Marsplay’s third official Look book “Capsule Wardrobe edit”.

The term ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ has been used frequently in the past few years, what does it mean? How do we achieve it? Let’s see what Google has to say.

“Capsule wardrobe is a term coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London Boutique called “Wardrobe” in the 1970s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.This idea was popularized by American designer Donna Karen who, in 1985, released an influential capsule collection of seven interchangeable work-wear pieces.”

Thanks to Susie Faux and Donna Karan we have a practical approach to fashion.

There are many benefits of having a capsule wardrobe:

  • To not think what you have to wear every day: this is an everyday drama for me, owning too many clothes and not able to see everything I own always lead me to the same point ” I have nothing to wear but my bank balance disagrees”
  • Maintain your personal style: As we grow up we get more in touch with the person we are and our confidence is reflected in the choices we make. It gets easier with time to make better choices. Having  a capsule wardrobe does not mean owning a boring wardrobe but it helps in setting up the foundation to succesfully  bloom our fashion choices.
  • Sustainable: Space for limited clothing items in your wardrobe helps you have a better budget for your everyday coat, well built bags and good sophisticated shoes. Indulging in fast fashion frequently means you are contributing to industries who are violating human rights. Shop for what you need and limit your carbon footprint.
  • Save money: This is always a good idea.
  • Stop wasting time and focus energy on other things: how about that passion project you always wanted to work on? It deserves more love.

I planned this look with our super blogger Jyoti.

She goes by Vagavogue on Instagram, she is a free spirit. Wanderer is the perfect word to describe her, you will always find her traveling.

In our three days of extensive shooting time she was always ready and excited for the next shot even when it became dark outside and heels were becoming an enemy.

Here is a checklist to get you started. Keep in mind you don’t have to buy everything at once, it defeats the purpose of minimalism.

Remember that you have to collect perfect peices to build your wardrobe, so you may have to kiss many frogs before finding your prince.

We all are well aware of the tough journey it takes to find our perfect nude lipstick, why do we put so much time in it?

Because finding that nude is like hitting gold, it goes with everything and saves time everyday. Similarly its important to find a perfect nude for your wardrobe, same goes for jewelry (gold for a warm toned person and blue for a cool tone).

While creating this lookbook, I followed a color palette with tones that paired well with Jyoti’s skin-tone. The nude pumps were so perfect that it made every outfit shine, we were lucky to find a nude dress in similar tone and the pastels shined on her tan skin.

Below is the full LookBook. There is something very satisfying about seeing a visual representation of  pre-planned outfits.

In our three day shooting schedule, we could shoot only 15 outfits but the combinations are endless! I can cover the whole month with different outfits. 

Tips to someone building there own Capsule Collection:

  • Find your style:
  • As I mentioned before, capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean monochromatic mundane looks. Jyoti’s style is very simple but I did make her fall in love with the fabulous yellow wrap skirt. She was really unsure about some pieces but after trying everything she had her own list of favorites. Never think of a capsule collection as a limitation but it should be an opportunity to try new things and even if you a fail there is a bed of comfy outfits to fall on.
  • Investment pieces: A good watch, structured bag, shoes and a good quality coat to keep you warm in winter are somethings to invest on
  • Research: There is a lot of content available on internet to help you shop. Always invest some time on doing your research you will be helping yourself and others as well.
  • Breaking the shell: Here is fun exercise, challenge yourself to make 8 looks with 5 clothing pieces, 3 pieces of accesories and one pair of shoes, this will help you kickstart your brain to start buzzing with million possible combinations. 

‘Straight out of the gym to the high streets. Let’s talk athleisure!’

Komal is bold and confident. She is just as gorgeous when flaunting a saree as she’s in her sportiest look. ‘How can one be so versatile!’ — you’ll wonder as you go through her Marsplay feed.

Well, here’s a secret. She’s got a strong athletic edge to her that lets her pull off any look with grace. A national level gold medalist with two gold and one silver medals Bharat Ratan Yoga, she’s one impressive personality!

We found her perfect person for our athleisure lookbook series and that’s where the adventure began!

Here’s a sneak-peak into the scenes behind the lookbook shoot.

Prachi talks about the inspiration behind the Athleisure look-book

Prachi, the creative head for the Athleisure lookbook says she has forever been inspired by Gigi Hadid’s take on athleisure.

“No one wears athleisure quite like Gigi Hadid. For this lookbook, I had her iconic looks in my mind.

Of course, when we started working, the ideas started evolving and we including everything from a jazz dancer outfit to a Parisian style outfit. It was so much fun working with Komal.”

Look 1 –

About this look

Capturing a jazz dancer’s outfit meant adding that subtle touch of glam to athleisure. With rust shorts from Forever21, loose knotted crop top from Miss Chase, stiletto heels from Metro and big statement hoops from H&M, this look is just what you need when you are hitting the dance floor.

Love this style? Click on image below to shop this complete look on Marsplay App.

Look 2-

About this look

Mesh tops are worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce who are often seen sporting athleisure look. We decided to take inspiration from their style to create this look. This white top is from Nush, shorts are from Forever21, Shoes from Fila and glasses from Rayban.

Love this style? Click on image below to shop this complete look on Marsplay App.

Look 3-

About this look

Straight from a workout and ready to chill? Denim jacket on a set of sporty monochrome co-ords is a great idea! The top and the shorts are from Forever21 and shoes are from Fila.

Love this style? Click on image below to shop this complete look on Marsplay App.

Look 4-

About this look

Here’s a hack to a cool athleisure outfit. Pair your plain black workout top with loose camouflage pants. Oh! And don’t forget those cool shades from Thrifted. This black top is from HRX and pants are from Roadster.

Love this style? Click on image below to shop this complete look on Marsplay App.

Look 5-

About this look

Tried mixing bit of Parisian style with athleisure. Doesn’t it look super cool? This top is by HRX. And these ‘Don’t Quit’ leggings are by HRX too!

Love this style? Click on image below to shop this complete look on Marsplay App.

Look 6-

About this look

This look is the one to make all eyes turn. Who doesn’t love all black? Styled a black mesh top from Nush to create super cool athleisure vibes when paired with plain black shorts.

Love this style? Click on image below to shop this complete look on Marsplay App.

Look 7-

About this look

This look is inspired by iconic styles of Gigi Hadid. Adding a stylish fanny pack and a loose men’s yellow jacket on your usual gym clothes can create the perfect athleisure vibes. This jacket is from SayItLoud and the fanny pack is from Mango.

Love this style? Click on image below to shop this complete look on Marsplay App.

Love these looks? Let us know what you think by dropping in a comment.

We are always looking for fashion crazy people to join our Marsplay Community.

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Hello awesome people, hope you all are doing great!

As you all know, recently, we had organised a Makeup Party in Marsplay HQ which was super fun with our active community members & amazing makeup artists — Savleen and Anushka.

One of our community members — Karishma Shrivastava has written a detailed blog post about this event. So, we couldn’t resist ourselves from reposting it.

Really, nothing feels better than getting showered with love from our community members.

So come on, give it a read!

“I got a great opportunity to be a part of the makeup-party event held by Marsplay, a community of bloggers. I am really grateful to them for choosing me to be a part of it. Undoubtedly, the event came out to be super successful.

These pictures tell it better than I can.

I chose ethnic theme to embark grace. So in this look, you can see me wearing an orange colour suit. I got this suit from Ameenabad, a wonderful market in Lucknow. The pleasant colour of the suit makes it appealing and the delicate intricacies add more to its beauty. The orange chooridar leggings and orange dupatta make the complete look a mono-tone beauty.

Since the suit was plain and unicoloured, I paired it up with heavy earrings. These earrings I bought from Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi. Long, oxidised earrings have always been my type and usually go with every ethnic wear.

I carried black stilletos that I bought from You can also carry sandals or jootis with these kind of suits.

Coming to make-up, honestly I am not a too-much makeup kind of person but I was awestruck by the makeover I got by the amazing makeup artist, Anushka Khurana in the event. She gave me a smoky sparkled eye make-up which enhanced my eyes and complemented my entire get-up.

For hair-do I got my hair plaited into Dutch braids. You may keep your hair open or you can try French braid too.

This shoot was by far one of the best experiences for me. You can shop my other looks on the Marsplay app if you like them. Download Marsplay App and become a Marsplayer now!

I hope you liked this post. Follow me on Instagram (@vogueinveins) for other post insights and don’t forget to hit like button on my facebook page!

TOP (Tip Of the Post) : Never load up heavy suits with heavy accessories. Always keep heavy accessories with simple and light suits.


Suit: Ameenabad market,Lucknow

Accessories: Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi


Make-up Artist: Anushka Khurana (Instagram: anushkakhuranamakeovers)

Hair Stylist: Priyanka Khanna

Spread love, spread vogue! 🙂

Credits —

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Learning 6— Differentiate your blog by cracking video content

Being able to create video content always gives you an advantage when it comes to collaborating with brands because most of the brands now are looking for those bloggers who can create good quality content for them.

Also, creating video is as easy as getting photos clicked. You can ask anyone to just take a video of you walking around and you can edit it later on.

Not only this, video content is less curated in fashion field. And there are more chances of videos to get viral and getting visibility rather than of photos.

After all, you can only make a mark by doing something different.

If you’re a beginner and want to try your hand on video content, then, here are some cool ways to make your video attractive enough.

1. Boomerang —

Anyone can make boomerangs by using either simple boomerang app or through Instagram stories. You can usually dance or do anything you love be it moving here there or turning around.

2. Stop Motion —

Again stop motion can easily be created through Instagram stories or some app. The only thing you need to make sure of the time you want picture to get changed. The best way to make a stop motion is to- start with basics and keep on adding or removing or changing other small things to the look.

3. Time Lapse –

Time lapse can be created using apps like Hyperlapse and are super cool to show fast transitions. It’s best for make-up videos too!

4. Normal Video —

It can be as simple as walking and posing with your outfit on. Play with your outfit or expressions. To make it look more attractive, you can use props like balloon, hat, sunglasses etc.

Tips to make your OOTD videos attractive —

  1. QUIK is the app which is used by most of the bloggers to create video content. Easy to use and manage your stuff. The app even have some templates, you can choose one of them and the app will automatically create a video with your references.
  2. Use INSTAGRAM camera to create Boomerang and Stop motion kind of content. For time-lapse, you can download Instagram’s Hyperlapse app. It’s the easiest way to make and also no branding of any kind shows up on such a video. Just create a hyperlapse or boomerang or stop motion and just save it in your gallery.
  3. Background, props and music are three things which you need to work on the most while creating a video. Not to forget, always be confident of what you are doing specially with video content. If you’re confident enough, more chances to get attention to your content.
  4. Want to search for some creative ideas? Use #FASHIONVIDEO hashtag on Instagram. It’s always a good idea to have some ideas planned before creating one, right?

Need more inspiration? Check out these videos that we have found for you!

It’s just a way to define your special edge in the increasingly crowding space of fashion bloggers.

That’s it for now folks. At Marsplay, we will be hosting a contest for OOTD videos to hire 20 video content creators exclusively for our platform. We hope that this learning will help you with getting started with video content.

Let us know if you enjoyed reading this blog post.

This blog was compiled by your community curators Purnima Madan and Stuti Gupta, edited by Shreya Dalela. So, you can let them know if you loved it. ❤️️

Stay tuned for next week’s learnings.

Lots of love, 
Marsplay Team 💌

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Learning 5 — 10 creative ideas for your daily captions

Hey Marsplayers, I hope you all are doing great and are not stressed because of your exams. Let us give you a reason to smile and take a break as it is the time to share the weekly learning.

Writing a catchy caption in instagram posts is a big task in blogger’s life!

And you definitely don’t want to be one of those who share only pictures with no meaningful captions. Right?

At times we go out of captions. So here’s little help for you in this weekly learning which will help you write captivating and pleasing captions. Here you go —

How to write good captions:

1. Tell your audience what you usually do

You can share what you are doing, what’s your plan for whole day, how’s your day going.

2. A little about your past or future posts

Share when you are going to upload new blog, what your new blog is all about, sneak peak about your posts. Or maybe you can share the link of your last blog posts, asking your audience to checkout previous posts.

3. Greet your followers

It’s okay to greet your followers sometimes. Don’t fake anything on your captions. Try to be real with your captions. Wishing them on festivals or maybe greeting them good morning or evening.

4. Telling about the look you are wearing

Add details of the brand you’re wearing, what style you are wearing. What different you created with the look.

5. Tell a story

Your caption should have a story to engage with your audience. Write that caption or story on which people can respond. If you put a caption like- Beachy Vibes or something, you can’t really expect your audience to engage with it. Rather tell a story, how you feel being there, what’s the atmosphere, any interesting thing you spotted there or a fun highlight of the day etc.

Get real and talk about your struggles too so that people can connect with you better.

6. Ask a question

If you can’t think of any question. Write a normal question as your caption like- What kind of next blog your audience wants to see, what do they think about your posts or make it even simpler by asking poll type questions or questions that they can answer with a simple yes/no etc.

Make it easier to answer by giving options. Ask them to tag friends.

7. Use of relatable Quotes/Lyrics

It feels so good when a quote is going perfectly well with your situation. You can google a quote and try to find one related to your post which you are about to upload. But yes, make some effort and don’t just post most overused and cliche’ ones.
Here you can get ideas for interesting ways to use quotes.

Check how she used song lyrics in caption to capture the essence of her outfit

8. Fashion Tips or Hacks

If you are about to post something that is related to some fashion hack or tip then explain that tip properly in your caption in detail. Let them know that they can comment any questions/doubts that they might have.

9. Say Thank you to your audience more often for engaging

Be grateful to your audience as they are the only ones who can help you grow. Practice gratitude in your life; it will help you achieve big heights. It sounds simple but it does have a profound effect.

10. Cross-promote your other social media handles

You can even promote your other social media profiles like snapchat (but make sure that the content there is a little different). For example, post something from Snapchat that you don’t usually share on Instagram (like more BTS shots or highlights from personal life) and tell them they can follow you there for more such posts.

To make everything a little easier for you, we have pinned some of the tricks- which our team came across while using Pinterest. On this board– there’s a monthly schedule you can follow and write your captions accordingly.

That’s it for now folks. Let’s discuss ideas for writing best captions in the community this week. Take screenshots of your favourite ones when you are randomly browsing.

Let’s know if you enjoyed reading this blog post. This blog was compiled by your community curators Purnima Madan and Stuti Gupta, and edited by Shreya. So, you can let them know if you loved it. ❤️️

Stay tuned for next week’s learnings.

Lots of love, 
Marsplay Team 💌

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Featuring “Ethnic Looks” style tips by our featured bloggers

Sometimes it feels so good to give Indian vibes by wearing elegant ethnic dresses. Be it a wedding occasion or a breezy summer day, a perfectly styled ethnic outfit never fails.

Check out these 6 Fashion Bloggers of Marsplay who are looking chic in their ethnic attires.

Diksha Sharma

“This grey embroidered dupatta is my favorite pick from my ethnic wardrobe. I have styled this with my grey gown. After all, an ethnic outfit is all about how you carry its dupatta.”

Mayur Priya

I have carried this black printed saree along with a printed sling bag and silver earrings on Saraswati Pooja.


Carried this mesh glittery border elegant Anarkali Suit on a recent wedding. The pink dupatta and the border is enhancing the complete look. Pink Vibes!

Vikas Rajpal

The detailed embroidery work on the black velvet kurta is looking so perfect here. Styled my red harem with this black velvet kurta. Don’t forget to carry a perfect shades as ethnic look is also incomplete without those these days.

Kirti Taneja

How can we forget a beautiful lehenga choli? Although this style is old now but you can add your spark into it by styling it differently. Here Black choli is going perfect with red lehenga.

Anzila Naznin

“Wearing this Anarkali kurta paring with trousers with golden danglers and tassel jewellery. Pairing it with block heels and your good to go for any event or festive day.”

Loved these looks?

You can now shop them on Marsplay App 🙂

You can be the next to be featured in one such list, keep sharing your looks on Marsplay App. See you soon! 🙂

Featuring the best ‘Yellow Hues’ styled by Marsplay’s fashion bloggers

Yellow is such a bright and evergreen colour which never goes out of trend. With upcoming fashion trends and for cool summer vibes, yellow colour’s outfit is must. Isn’t it?

We thought of sharing weekly best prompt entries as styling tips to give a fresh dose of inspiration.

Here are six looks curated by some of our super stylish bloggers.

Kajol Gupta — Black stripes and yellow (Click on image to shop this look)

Cullotes pants are what everyone needs in summer. And pairing striped cullotes with basic yellow top is a must try. Dress up your fancy pants with basic tops like a pro.

Jasmine & Mansi Singh- The all time favourite yellow kurti (Click on image to shop this look)

You are bound to make a powerful style statement with a Yellow Kurti. Get your favourite yellow kurti from your wardrobe and pair it with plazos or cigarette pants. Team up your kurta with stylish pants and juttis.

Swathi Roy — The all yellow dress (Click on image to shop this look)

The one piece that makes spring dressing so easy. The simplicity of a pleated A-line dress automatically gets enhanced when paired with a simple belt. Pair up your dress with basic shoes this summer. Shoes are always better than heels until and unless its a formal meeting or get together. And don’t forget to wear your favourite jeweller. 😉

Ashu Kargeti and Aishwariya Waichal — Blue and Yellow

Ashu — Aishwarya — (Click on image to shop this look)

Nobody can deny that yellow and blue makes the best combination. It gives us such sporty and cool look. Something cool to beat the heat is must.

Paavni Kataria — The Ethnic Chic Look (Click on image to shop this look)

Yellow is the new black and black is beautiful. Yellow is such a happy colour which brings so many positive vibes. And girls are just obsessed with long skirts. Skirts can be carried in so many ways and we loved the way how red and yellow combination is making a new turn. Fusion outfit always rock.

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How Paavni earned over 3000 INR on Marsplay by posting regularly

Paavni’s MarsplFay Profile

There’s nothing that gives more happiness than writing success stories of our users. We built Marsplay to empower creators with great taste in fashion to have freedom to share their styles and monetise irrespective of their ‘follower count’.

With Paavni’s story among many others, we feel we’re closer to that vision.

Paavni is among our earliest (and the most active) users. She joined us under the Style Diva Internship program and started posting her styles regularly on the platform as a part of weekly tasks.

She has the kind of styling sense that quickly catches on and that’s led her to earn over 3000 INR on the platform.

Here’s what Paavni has to say about the experience —

“Once I started posting regularly, I was hooked to the platform.

In some cases, I was able to tag the exact products in my outfit, specially when I had purchased them from Myntra. That was exciting!

I think what works for me is that I put links to my looks on Marsplay in my bio and actively post stories about how my looks are available to shop on Marsplay App.

I do it for every look that I post on Instagram. And I think it people are more likely to buy those outfits when they see how I have styled it.

So, I try to capture that moment by letting them know they can shop that or a similar styled outfit.

It was really exciting to get my first sale! It’s been two months now that I have been posting regularly and I have got five sales and earned 3000 INR along with gaining a huge following.

People who discovered me through Marsplay have appreciated me a lot for my styles and that has given me the confidence to work hard on every look I create.

I love how engaging the entire community is and I connected with some great people here! I literally participate in all contests and all prompts because it’s so much fun!”

It’s been a super amazing journey for Paavni, and it’s largely because of the efforts she has put in promoting her styles on the platform.

We are waiting to write about more such success stories. Next one could be yours. Don’t you think? 😍

Marsplay Community comprises of the best hand-picked bloggers who share their styles on the platform to get recognised for their great sense of styling and to monetize from their social influence.

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