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Fashion blogging is tough and it takes a lot of courage to purse your passion. Going for shoots, editing videos, sharing your content daily on social media and blog – all of this can become really monotonous after a while.

By bringing Marsplay’s fashion community together through events like photowalks, we ensure that there’s always new energy and ideas. Sometimes, all you need is support from a community of like-minded people. And Marsplay events make it so easy for you to get that. Not only this, we also organise a lot of fun events to make sure that you have a truly great time!

After games what was another mode of entertainment in your childhood? Cartoons, of course! And Disney played an important role in introducing us to many wonderful characters that hold a special place in our hearts. A little part in all of us wants to live their lives! Keeping this in mind, Marsplay community from Bangalore came up with the theme of their first shoot in the city.

The main idea behind the theme was, how that Disney prince or princess would look in today’s era? Read more and explore their styles.

Marsplay had collaborated with an accessories brand Knick Knack Nook for an Open Wardrobe Styling Event which was attended by six of our super stylish community members.
Prior to the event, we asked bloggers to choose any of the following looks and we provided them the accessories as per their look.

Look 1: Casual Look- Denim Jeans and Tee
Look 2: Formal Look- Pants and Shirt
Look 3: Ethnic Look- Long Skirt or Kurti
Look 4: Fusion Look: Kurti with Pants, Skirt with Crop Top
Read more to see how they styled the accessories during the event.

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