Fashion and styling to me is…

Being comfortable and confident is the key to carry anything or everything. Sticking to something which is in trend even if you are not confident about it will only result in disaster. So, stick to what you can carry confidently and what suits your personality. That will make you stand out of the crowd.

My inspiration behind the fashion journey…

I belong to a Marwadi Family and dressing up on every occasion is what we are famous for (apart from food)!

So, from my childhood I have always seen my mom dressing up in traditional attires and thats what even inspires me to dress up everyday.

Talking about fashion blogging, it all started randomly. My friends always used to ask me for my suggestions when they wanted to buy something.

So, I thought let’s just start doing this professionally. Now, my aim is to take it at that level where any girl/ women can relate to my style.

The one fashion stereotype that you wish didn’t exist…

People still believe that plus size people can’t wear or carry anything in trend! I truly believe that it’s not necessary to be in perfect shape all the time. We are only humans. We are not cut to shape and different body structures that we should be proud of. Everyone can carry awesome outfits and look good!

Your unique sense of style is about…

The unique sense of style that I have is Fusion. I belong to Rajasthan and whatever I wear, I try to add a ethnic touch to it that makes me feel connected to my roots. Even if I wear a western dress, I try to accessorise that with a nose ring or metal bangle with my watch or may be a bindi along with that.

Marsplay is an amazing platform to discover your own unique style…

I truly believe that one should be comfortable in your skin irrespective of your shape, size or complexion and Marsplay promotes the idea.

Do follow celebrities or fashion bloggers for style inspiration but don’t follow anyone blindly. At Marsplay, you can follow the ones with whom you feel connected and try to learn from their style. Notice how they pair outfits and just learn.

You can shop their styles and then use your creativity to make the look so much better!

Samiksha’s exclusive styles are now available to shop on Marsplay app. If you are excited about joining Marsplay and share your style stories, just go and download our app. We are offering some unique opportunities to our earliest users. 😃

Vijeta is a PR professional who loves to blog about fashion, beauty, food and travel. On her blog, Fashion Fuel Store, she has been posting curated content to inspire people to fuel different parts of their lives.

She partnered with Marsplay and shared various casual looks that were some of the best picks from her wardrobe for our upcoming app.

“I absolutely loved the experience of shooting in Marsplay’s creator studio. Can’t wait for the app to launch and to start sharing my looks there!”

We got to talking after the shoot and got to know about her exciting journey as a fashion, food and travel blogger.

Here are some of the best highlights from our conversation —

The story behind Vijeta’s Fashion Blog

“I have been interested in fashion since I was 3 year old. With the passage of time, this interest grew into passion and a never dying urge to style my outfits.

I started with fashion blogging for one major reason — it enables a person to express thoughts and ideas for fashion.

It was a window of opportunity when I started which later transformed into the gateway of success.”

The major challenges and hurdles she had to face

“The perspectives and perceptions for blogging are subjective and wide ranging. What goes behind establishing a blog is hard work, dedication, consistency.

A blogger acts as a micro entrepreneur.

The set of responsibilities are ranging from actor, model, stylist, to camera person, editor, manager, PR, Marketer, social media manager and the list goes on. I managed all this because I understood, there is only one way to go about it and that is to give it all and give it best!”

The one fashion stereotype she wishes didn’t exist

“Unfortunately, objectification of women still persists in the society. Fashion industry is no different. In fact, due to the nature of the work, it further magnifies.

Considering women for their work and personality instead of her looks, height, weight, complexion is the need of the hour, the century.

Only a lean woman is fashionable is the biggest and most persistent stereotype every fashion blogger has to face.”

About her unique style

“I would define my style as chic and classy. It surely does reflect my personality because I believe in investing in high quality and durable products instead of fast moving fashion trends.

Classy and chic looks facilitate expression of self consistently.

One fashion advice she would give to all

“The most important piece of advice which I could ever give to anyone is to wear comfortable clothing and know their undertone.

When it comes to choosing the most flattering makeup hues, are you a warm or a cool? Choosing the right colors based around your hair, eye, and natural undertones will, after all, accentuate your natural features and make you glow.

Undertone can drastically change how you look.

Vijeta’s thoughts about Marsplay

“To discover their own style, one must feel connected to what they wear. An outfit should speak your personality when you wear it. That is how one can find their own style. Also, it can evolve with time as human beings keep transforming themselves as they learn and grow.

I see Marsplay as the only platform which is trying to build something that enables people to find their own style, share it and develop it.

Vijeta’s exclusive styles will soon be available to shop on Marsplay app. If you are excited about joining Marsplay and share your style stories, just go to our website and sign up. We are offering an opportunity to a few early sign ups to do a free shoot with us. 😃


In conversation with Renu Bedha, fashion and lifestyle blogger at The Stlistik

Renu Bedha comes across as someone who has a unique style sense and strong sense of individuality. On getting deeper into a conversation with her, we discover how she lived most years of her life being overweight and a complete fashion disaster.

She laughs as she talks about a time where she used to pair black salwar with brown kurti and white dupatta while she went to college and claims that she was probably the worst dressed person there. She would even pair socks with floaters while being particular about matching the sock color with her dress.

She also recalls the times when she would just pick anything from her wardrobe to wear and her mom would call her a hippie for not caring a bit about how she looked.

“Every time I meet anyone from my old college days, they are completely taken aback by the transformation and unable to recognise me. It’s quite funny!”

But even as she talks about all of the old times, she sounds strong, happy and confident. Though she has come a long way along her fashion and styling journey, the one thing that stays constant is her strong belief that looking good has got everything to do with feeling good and being confident about yourself, no matter how you look or what you wear.

In this blog, we talk about some of the best highlights and advice from our conversation with her.

1. Inspiration can hit you any day. But when it does, take the leap!

The only reason Renu started her fashion blogging journey was because her husband inspired to take it forward.

“I was always approached by my friends when they needed help with shopping. I helped them choose what to wear and helped them style it. I even helped one friend with her entire wedding shopping. 
I also used to follow fashion bloggers on Instagram and feel inspired from there. I showed their feed to my husband one day and he immediately responded that I should totally start fashion blogging on my own.
All I needed was that encouragement. I sat with my laptop from 9PM to 11PM at that night and read everything about starting a blog. At 11 AM, I had my blog setup at Blogspot. I knew I was getting started and never looking back.”

2. Don’t shy away from taking help and feedback from your closest circle

“When I created my first blog post, it was my friend who clicked my first pictures. Then I made everyone in my circle read it to get feedback. There were people who pointed out how my content was not really unique and I took that advice positively. My first blog post was about styling a black dress which most people were aware of and hence it wasn’t very creative.

With my second post, I experimented and made effort to create something unique. I used a dupatta to create a kurta that replicated the celebrity look by Alia Bhatt and everyone loved the blog post.

I would not have grown without all the support and feedback I received.”

3. When you feel like giving up, stick by a little longer

“Sometime after I started blogging, I felt that I wasn’t growing much and not getting anything in return for my efforts. I was very close to giving up.

But then, out of nowhere I got invites to an exclusive event by Kohar Jewels where I met amazing fashion bloggers and felt so inspired by their journey. They mentioned about me on their Instagram feed and I got about 10K followers from being exposed to the audience that was enthusiastic about fashion.

Not long after that, I got a brand collaboration request by Shrivaaz. It was a great experience to sport a unique ethnic look with their long kurti and a lot of people bought it from my recommendation. It was great motivation boost for me.”

4. Don’t be shy about experimenting

“I never hold myself back from trying new looks and outfits. I am not brand conscious. Rather, I pick clothes in my wardrobe purely on the basis of intuition.

Even with my blog, I experimented with lifestyle and travel as I felt that just talking about clothes was limiting me from expressing all aspects of my personality.

I have experimented everything from turning a pair of shorts into a crop-top through a simple DIY to pairing crop top with salwar and kurti. I just go with my instincts and explore unique ways to style.”

5. Styling according to your surroundings is the key

“While I do have a strong individual taste when it comes to dressing, I also realise the importance of dressing according to a place and a situation. As a married person, I have strong respect for my own culture and tradition and even though I might not dress according to them every day, I ensure that I endorse the traditional look whenever I am with my in laws.

I also believe that the purpose behind dressing well is not to impress but to feel comfortable and confident. So it’s not always about standing out. Sometimes, it’s about coming in sync with your surroundings and with people around you.”

Renu’s thoughts about Marsplay

I have been sharing my style stories on Instagram since past six months but the growth is slow and disappointing. I strongly feel that there is a need for a platform that allows people who create quality content to grow their audience and monetise from that. Marsplay is the only platform that I have come across which is trying to do that. I am very hopeful about sharing my content there because I genuinely want to help people to style themselves better.

If you are excited about joining Marsplay and share your style stories, just go to our website and sign up. We are offering an opportunity to a few early sign ups to do a free shoot with us. 😃


Empowering through giving freedom to experiment and grow

Last weekend, we were in a conversation with a passionate fashion blogger who creates YouTube videos to share amazing insights into recent fashion trends.

She talked about how she spent hours before recording the video in finding a perfectly white wall that also had bright and natural lighting.

She didn’t want to spend on renting a studio.

So, she called up many friends to ask for a suitable place till she finally figured one place that suited her requirements.

But as she packed up and went to shoot there, she realised there was another big issue — background noises and distractions. She somehow managed to produce the video but it wasn’t upto her expectations.

So she ended up being quite disappointed and demotivated. This is the struggle of every creator today.

The struggle of every creator.

Creating something from scratch like any visual story(video/images) and putting it out there regularly is itself a very challenging task. Add to that the fact that most creators work on a strict budget during the early days.

It takes years of devotion to their craft to create and share quality content everyday before they can actually start making money from it.

Imagine the number of challenges they face — pressure due to following an offbeat career, no money to invest on their craft, having to come up with new ideas constantly, building connection with their online audience, growing their following etc.

The list is endless.

Add to that the struggle of not having a proper place to practice their skills!

Creative minds are at their absolute best when they are not limited by any constraints.

The biggest problem that every creator faces is the lack of a proper space and setup where they can leave their creative side untethered.

Lack of opportunities, the high cost of studios and equipment, and sometimes even the lack of encouragement can be be the reason for them to lose their spark.

All content creators — artists, singers, cinematographers, dancers who have made it big today struggled with the same problem in their initial days.

They didn’t have a place at their disposal where they could create content freely. Even Pink Floyd’s band members used to practice their music at their friend’s flats or rented studios during the initial days.

The secret to their success was that they never stopped creating.

We at Marsplay understand that providing creators a proper place is the one thing we can do to ensure that they never stop their creative journey. From the very first day we have dreamt about empowering them.

Creativity is nothing but a mind set free. The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

With a strong belief in bringing out the unique voice of every creator which needs to be expressed, we wanted to give them a place where they could find that absolute freedom to experiment with their ideas.

A place that they can call their OWN.

With this vision, we have set up this creative studio that all creators can use for free and call their own. It’s a place for them to open up their minds and put out all their creativity in the form of style stories, V-logs, look-books, styling tips, inspirational videos and what not.

A place where the only limit is their own imagination.

What do people say about our creator studio?

“Its very hard to find a good studio space for creating content, Marsplay and MYOLO have solved that problem for most bloggers and content creators. Its well equipped for anything you can imagine such as video production, photography etc. As a female blogger, it felt like a very safe place to be. Would definitely recommend it!” — Sheena


“Mostly I shoot outdoors because I have to spend on hiring a photographer as well. I am still at the stage of growing and establishing my blog so I can’t afford to spend a lot on every shoot. So, this was my first indoor studio shoot experience and I loved it. I was able experiment so much without feeling uncomfortable because of the usual stares that I get while shooting outdoors.” –Devika Duggal


More about the Creator Studio

The ‘Creator Studio’ is well equipped with proper studio lightings and backdrops (white, black and millennial pink). It’s a space dedicated to all content creators (bloggers, influencers, startups and everyone else) to empower everyone to unleash their talents.

To create, collaborate and conquer.

Every creator is free to come here to experiment, grow, take risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and have fun. The best thing is that it’s all for FREE!

It is located at MYOLO HQ, Green Park Extension, New Delhi.

When is it available?

The studio is now open and accepting reservations. While there’s no time to create, some day hours do make for easier collaboration and better results.

To put it straight: All days | 8am — 7pm

How to use and who to contact?

To use the studio, all you need to do is reserve the space and show up. The ecosystem will then conspire to get you the best shots and great content.

For more information and reservations, please contact:

The Marsplay team at hello@marsplay.co 
Or leave a message on the Marsplay Facebook page

If you are excited about joining Marsplay and share your style stories, just go to our website and sign up. We are offering an opportunity to a few early sign ups to do a free shoot with us. 😃