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Learning 6— Differentiate your blog by cracking video content

Being able to create video content always gives you an advantage when it comes to collaborating with brands because most of the brands now are looking for those bloggers who can create good quality content for them.

Also, creating video is as easy as getting photos clicked. You can ask anyone to just take a video of you walking around and you can edit it later on.

Not only this, video content is less curated in fashion field. And there are more chances of videos to get viral and getting visibility rather than of photos.

After all, you can only make a mark by doing something different.

If you’re a beginner and want to try your hand on video content, then, here are some cool ways to make your video attractive enough.

1. Boomerang —

Anyone can make boomerangs by using either simple boomerang app or through Instagram stories. You can usually dance or do anything you love be it moving here there or turning around.


2. Stop Motion —

Again stop motion can easily be created through Instagram stories or some app. The only thing you need to make sure of the time you want picture to get changed. The best way to make a stop motion is to- start with basics and keep on adding or removing or changing other small things to the look.


3. Time Lapse –

Time lapse can be created using apps like Hyperlapse and are super cool to show fast transitions. It’s best for make-up videos too!

4. Normal Video —

It can be as simple as walking and posing with your outfit on. Play with your outfit or expressions. To make it look more attractive, you can use props like balloon, hat, sunglasses etc.

Tips to make your OOTD videos attractive —

  1. QUIK is the app which is used by most of the bloggers to create video content. Easy to use and manage your stuff. The app even have some templates, you can choose one of them and the app will automatically create a video with your references.
  2. Use INSTAGRAM camera to create Boomerang and Stop motion kind of content. For time-lapse, you can download Instagram’s Hyperlapse app. It’s the easiest way to make and also no branding of any kind shows up on such a video. Just create a hyperlapse or boomerang or stop motion and just save it in your gallery.
  3. Background, props and music are three things which you need to work on the most while creating a video. Not to forget, always be confident of what you are doing specially with video content. If you’re confident enough, more chances to get attention to your content.
  4. Want to search for some creative ideas? Use #FASHIONVIDEO hashtag on Instagram. It’s always a good idea to have some ideas planned before creating one, right?

Need more inspiration? Check out these videos that we have found for you!


It’s just a way to define your special edge in the increasingly crowding space of fashion bloggers.

That’s it for now folks. At Marsplay, we will be hosting a contest for OOTD videos to hire 20 video content creators exclusively for our platform. We hope that this learning will help you with getting started with video content.

Let us know if you enjoyed reading this blog post.

This blog was compiled by your community curators Purnima Madan and Stuti Gupta, edited by Shreya Dalela. So, you can let them know if you loved it. ❤️️

Stay tuned for next week’s learnings.

Lots of love, 
Marsplay Team 💌

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Learning 4 — Is Niche blogging the way to grow as a blogger

Hi everyone!

Last week’s super blogger session with Devansh introduced you to niche blogging to we decided to talk about it in detail in this week’s learning. So, here we go —

You can divide all blogs into two categories: lifestyle blogs and niche blogs.

These categories represent two conscious decisions that bloggers can make: I’m going to write about everything, or I’m going to write about one thing.

Bloggers have 2 choices: Write about everything, or write about one thing. #NicheBlogging

What do you mean by a niche blog?

Niche blogs are when you write about one thing, and one thing only. They are a blog with a one-track mind, having one purpose, one goal.

Niche blogging is where real traction and traffic happen for a blog.

Why you should start a niche blog?

Niche Blogs saves our time. We know which profile we need to check while reading on some certain topics. Like if we want to know more about boho style we usually read Kritika Khurana blogs, because we know she is into boho looks. Likewise if we want to know about silver jewellery, Komal Pandey is here to help us.

Komal Pandey Blogging about jewellery

Niche blog fits into a particular category and we find content on the topic we’re looking for.

  1. Niche Blogs Keep You On Track
  2. Niche Blogs Give You A Reliable Audience
  3. Niche Blogs Make It Easier To Monetize Your Blog
  4. Niche Blogs Expand Your Own Knowledge
  5. Niche Blogs Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Tip: Even if you’re writing about every kind of fashion style. Make sure to have an answer, because when you attend sessions of big bloggers- they ask for your specialisation. And you really can’t say fashion as your specialisation, try to brief which fashion style represents you- weather street style, fusion wear or maybe just how you can make a high class fashion from street shopping. It will surely add a plus point to your intro.

For example, Devansh from The Dapper Street got his first collaboration with less than 2000 followers, because he had a niche- bow ties.

From Devansh’s blog

How To Start A Niche Blog

Starting a niche blog is not that difficult. It is all about how you do your research and planning for finalizing your blog’s niche.

What all points you should consider when you are about to chose your blog’s niche?

  1. Know your passion. Identify what things in fashion you have an inclination for.
  2. Go deep in that domain. Read existing blogs and educate yourself.
  3. Find your keyword niche. Start using those in hashtags so that brands related to that domain can discover you.
  4. Align your current blog to that niche. Make sure that at least one in three post is about that niche — be it headgear, accessories or a particular kind of style.
  5. Research the demand of that particular niche. Are people asking questions about it on social media? Is that niche trending or growing? Do people want to learn more about it?

This will help you narrow down on a niche that is best for you.

It’s not too late to rehab your blog and bring it back to a highly trafficked niche. 🙂

Not sure if you can be/want to be a niche blogger?

If you must have the freedom to write about other things outside of your niche, then do not worry. Being a niche doesn’t mean you can’t write/post about other things you love. It just means that there is something special about your blog that a certain section of fashion enthusiasts can connect to.

It’s just a way to define your special edge in the increasingly crowding space of fashion bloggers.

That’s it for now folks. Let’s discuss ideas for niche blogging in the community this week.

Let’s know if you enjoyed reading this blog post. This blog was compiled by your community curators Purnima Madan and Stuti Gupta. So, you can let them know if you loved it. ❤️️

Stay tuned for next week’s learnings.

Lots of love, 
Marsplay Team 💌

This blog was written exclusively for Marsplay Community members.

Learning Blog 4 — Collaboration is the way to grow in early stages.

Getting collaborations initially is not at all an easy task.

You might have to message 100 of brands and then you will get 2–3 collaborations.

Being a blogger, the only thing you can do initially is to be good with your content. We have already shared a blog regarding how you can create good content and feed, hoping some of you would have applied those pointers.

If your content is good, have a little patience. Brands will see your content and you might get some of them.

Here are a few things that you can do —

1. Join apps that provide collaboration opportunities

Get registered on apps like Plixxo, which gives you renowned brand campaigns. Plixxo executes various type of campaigns. They have campaigns for small bloggers and for super bloggers too. So, you should be present on Plixxo.
Read more here about how to join Plixxo

2. Be added to whatsapp bloggers groups.

There you can also get few good collaborations. You can get many contacts of PRs from whatsapp bloggers groups. PRs also send messages for brand collaborations most of the time.
To be added in such Whatsapp groups, contact fashion bloggers who have been blogging about 2–3 years as they are sure to be connected with at least one such Whatsapp group.

3. Follow pages that publish about collaboration opportunities

Follow pages like bnbmag, where you get collaborations. Thebnbmag group is posting a lot about various collaborations these days. So, follow this page and start approaching the brands.

4. Learn how to message brands

The way you message brands for collaboration plays a big role. The introduction should be short and attractive. Also, should include your all social media handles and reach of your accounts.

As you grow, you can even consider creating a media kit.

A media kit is a document which shares everything a potential sponsor or marketer would need to know about your blog. It’s essentially a resumé, but for your website. A media kit should list a variety of things, such as your blog’s topics, statistics, collaboration options, and more. It is essential for making a good impression and landing more (and higher paying) collaborations.

You message and email should include the following —

  1. An introduction of yourself and your blog/blog topics (1–2 sentences).
  2. Why you love the brand or their products (1–2 sentences).
  3. A mention of the fact that you’d like to collaborate and why it would be a great fit (1–2 sentences).
  4. A call to action, such as, “would you like to hear the ideas I’ve thought of?” (1 sentence).
  5. Lastly, you’ll want to share your blog’s media kit with them, too. I recommend uploading it as a Google Doc and linking it in your email somewhere.

5. Collaborate with other bloggers.

Yes, it’s good because your followers will check out his/her page and vice versa.

This way you both can exchange your followers. You can also start a youtube channel with other blogger if you planning to start one. And give regular shoutouts to each other.

One example of successful collaboration along these lines is Pretty Little Things.

6. Start approaching small brands initially.

Message them instead of waiting for their message. You can propose a barter collaboration rather than paid.

Whether a brand is approaching you or not, you take a step further and approach small brand. Like message to those who have less number of followers and reach on Instagram.

For example, you can refer to this email sent to request a product for review —

Hi Jenna!

I hope your week is off to a great start! My name is Jess and and I write the Chicago-based blog, blankityblankblog.com. (You can see some recent posts of mine here, and here.)

Reaching out because I’m currently in planning mode for the 4th quarter and I’m working on quite a few upcoming beauty posts. In particular, I’ve been dying to try out [X beauty brand’s] facial oil and would be interested in doing a review on my site (typically valued at $300). My readers have been asking for a Q&A post on facial oils so I thought this would make for a great, organic partnership! Is that something that you would be open to?

Please let me know your thoughts–would love to team up together!


Before sending a message, do the following —

  1. Do a quick research about a brand. Are they collaborating with established bloggers only or with budding bloggers too?
  2. Check if the brand is collaborating with budding bloggers or not. If they are collaborating then you can also send your media kit for a collaboration. Kudos!

7. Make it a practice to always tag brands in your posts

Whenever you post on instagram always tag the brand so that other brands will come to know you already have collaborated with brands. You can do this in posts that were not exactly a collaboration also.

If you don’t tag your look then the brand will think you didn’t have a single collaboration or have no idea how collaboration work. Moreover, they also think that you might not have knowledge to create content as per their requirements.

8. Get your website active

Having a WordPress or Blogspot blog helps in establishing credibility as a blogger. There might be cases that the brand wants to give you a guest post to be posted on your website.

Most importantly, if you have a website then there might be chances of getting more collaborations.

That’s it for now folks. Let’s try to implement these points and discuss about them this week to learn and grow together.

Let’s know if you enjoyed reading this blog post. This blog was compiled by your community curators Purnima Madan and Stuti Gupta. So, you can let them know if you loved it. ❤️️

Stay tuned for next week’s learnings.

Lots of love, 
Marsplay Team 💌

This blog was written exclusively for Marsplay Community members.

Learning Blog 3 — How to design a feed that tells a story

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful week. This week, we have some interesting ideas for you to design you feed. Do pick up a few of them and experiment with it.

Maintaining a great feed is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself from the thousands of bloggers out there. Don’t you think?

Here are a few things to try.

1. Have a grid pattern to follow

Nowadays, every second blogger is working on creating some good grid on their Instagram profiles. And that’s because the feed does matter. You can take some inspiration from bloggers outside India as they have such amazing feeds.

Some great ideas to experiment with are- black and white, colourful or single colour.

Examples of feed design. The first one is called rainbow feed where you transition from one colour to another.

We know that it’s very difficult initially to follow some grid but yes one hack that we can suggest is to go with a single effect picture and apply it to all pictures that you post.

“I have choose warm colour feed for my profile and I literally just go with that effect for my every picture. You can try that too. This won’t only make your profile look good, but will also help in growing your account.” — Stuti, blogger at Swagitup (Click on link to check feed)

Using one effect in all your pictures can give a very nice effect to your feed.

2. Use hashtags according to pictures to increase engagement

Use correct hashtags on your photos, and please keep changing hashtags within a week or so. According to my experience, use hashtags according to the picture you are posting, if it’s a ruffle top and denim jeans, you can use these hashtags- #ruffletop #denimjeans #brandyouarewearing #fashionblogger #styleblogger #cityyoubelongto #whichstyleitis #bohoorstreet #someocassion etc.

Else use google and search for popular hashtags.

3. Update the location on your posts where you had shoot

Not to forget, if you have shared some pictures which you shot in some cafe or good place. Mention the location. People do search locations and then pictures of that particular location pop up.

Mention the location for better visibility for your posts.

4. Have to the point captions

Captions shouldn’t be too long, until and unless it’s absolutely necessary or it’s a story you want to convey. Make your short status do all the talking/ gain attention.

5. Always tag the brands

Tag the brands you are wearing or profiles which give shoutouts.

Along with that, also tag some good fashion applications which will probably give you shoutouts like Marsplay, Styledotme etc. There are certain pages as well which can give you shoutouts and collaborations. Pages like- Outfitofthediva, bnbmag, popxo, lbbdelhi etc. You can tag them in your posts.

Tag brands for better visibility. Also it makes your feed look professional.

6. Write an impressive bio

To create good bio is the most important part of your profile. Every person or company judges you through your bio only. Make it look nice and easy to understand. You can even use hashtags and mention some other page in your profile, isn’t that cool?

Things to remember while creating good profile:

1) A decent and nice profile picture which portrays the essence of your entire profile.

2) Mention your website link in your profile.

3) Try to talk about the niche in which you are blogging.

An example of great bio description that defines niche.

So, that’s all guys! I hope you got some amazing ideas from this blog post to try out in coming week. We look forward to seeing you use some of these ideas to create content this week.

We will also be hosting sessions with super bloggers to help you learn these things.

Let’s know if you enjoyed reading this blog post. This blog was compiled by your community curators Purnima Madan and Stuti Gupta. So, you can let them know if you loved it. ❤️️

Stay tuned for next week’s learnings.

Lots of love, 
Marsplay Team 💌

This blog was written exclusively for Marsplay Community members.

Learning Blog 1 — Guide to using Instagram Stories for your growth

A big hello and lots of love to our Marsplay community.

In this blog, we have compiled steps to help you come up with the most creative Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories, play an important role specially in life of people who are either an influencer or blogger. We have noted some points regarding the same, which you guys can try this week and see how they work for you.

Some of these you might really help you get the kind of engagement you desire.

So, here are some of the pointers —

1. Use poll option to get feedback from your users —

The main concern of any blogger is to connect with their audience. The connection that you build with your audience is the only thing that helps you grow. For this to happen, you and your audience needs to be on the same page. You need to know what your followers like/dislike.

The poll option in stories is the best thing to get feedback from your followers. Ask questions about what they would want to see more, what is it that they are liking about your content etc. Nobody has time to send you long messages regarding their views about your blog. But answering via poll just takes a second.

See how some of the best bloggers use poll option —

Example of how you can use polls to drive engagement

2. Make creative stories that stand out —

If you want your stories to stand out, use applications like Adobe Spark to create attractive stories. You can use text animations and a lot of interesting features or even create templates that are unique to your blog.
It’s super easy and fun to use the app to create stunning graphics for all occasions.

See some examples of posts you can create using Adobe Spark —

Using Adobe Spark to create posts

3. Use location and/or hashtags while posting any story —

Use at least either hashtag or location while posting any story. It won’t only increase your story views but people can actually visit your profile directly. So, in order to increase your overall discovery, using one of them is a must. 
If you stalk any renowned blogger from the bottom of their feed till now, you will see that everyone used hashtags in their posts to get some real traffic.

Using location and hashtags in stories

4. Talk to your audience in your Insta stories —

People love to see bloggers talk in their stories rather than watching one photo for good 10–12 seconds. Make to the point kind of videos. They will definitely make a connection between you and your audience. Try adding either something motivational or funny. Be the real you. Nobody likes to watch people only talking seriously, right.

Bloggers like thatbohogirl, missstylefiesta, larissa etc are some examples.

5. Make highlights of your best stories —

Some good examples of highlights

Making highlights of your best stories is so much in trend. People or brands judge your whole profile by watching highlights only. That’s why highlights are great for giving an overview about your blog.

You can add different highlights on which you can keep adding on in future.

Here are examples of some bloggers who have used highlights really well.

6. Use emoticons and gifs to add the fun element —

Using emoticons andgifs is the first basic thing that you need to keep in mind while creating any story. It adds a fun cute element to the story. But yes, don’t overdo it.

You might notice that your story gets more views than your posts in general. In that case, you can announce new post in your Instagram story.

You can do the same every time you post a new blog as well.

Using emojis and gifs in a creative way

7. Add text effects to make your text interesting to read —

There are so many options to get creative text effects (3D effect, light effect etc) for Instagram stories.You can even download background images from Google and type your text on that particular background. 
It’s usually good to have a good background rather than typing on a solid colour background. 
This Vlog of Shaurya Sandhaya tells us everything we need to know about text effects.

8. Use stories to create a hype —

Create hype of your upcoming Instagram posts, Giveaways because people watch stories more than the feed. So, whenever you post a new look or announce some giveaway just talk about that particular thing in your story which will create some hype and it will generate more traffic on your account.

9. Use swipe up if you have more than 10K followers

People who are having 10k or more than 10k, can use swipe up option to their stories to direct people to your blog or to a great find anywhere on the web. Almost every established blogger uses this feature. Thatbohogirl, Nikimehra are some examples.

Use swipe up option on your Instagram story

10. Zoom in/out your pictures according to what looks the best in stories

Instagram has given an amazing feature to zoom in or zoom out your pictures. Use it effectively. You can zoom in your pictures and add different colours to it. When you zoom in the background, it takes the colour of the photo which looks amazing.

11. Think on mini snippets that you can share as stories instead of posts or Vlogs

Stories have made things so easy for bloggers. They can now talk with their audience either by making a 30–40 second short video or by directly going live. Some bloggers put stories like- A day in my life, product reviews etc. Bloggers can’t put everything in feed. But obviously with stories there are endless options.

You can even create cool stop-motions to illustrate the process behind your styling or make-up tips.

Go live. Tell your story.

Now, go ahead and implement these creative story ideas during this week. And let’s us know if you get great results.

Stay connected for next week’s learnings! Let’s have a lot more fun together! 😃

This blog was written exclusively for Marsplay Community members.

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