Hey Marsplayers, how are you all?

Recently, we have spammed your Instagram with lots of stories of Open Wardrobe Styling Event which took place in collaboration with Knick Knack Nook.

We would first like to say a big thank you to Knick Knack Nook for sending their quirky accessories and secondly to all our pretty bloggers who came to Marsplay Headquarters to participate in this event.

Prior to the event, we asked bloggers to choose any of the following looks and we provided them the accessories as per their look.

Look 1: Casual Look- Denim Jeans and Tee

Look 2: Formal Look- Pants and Shirt

Look 3: Ethnic Look- Long Skirt or Kurti

Look 4: Fusion Look: Kurti with Pants, Skirt with Crop Top

And they styled the accessories so well during the event. The event was followed by very exciting and creative indoor and outdoor photo and video shoot.

We are all so happy and amazed with the content created during the event. Here’s a sneak peak into how these our Community Members have carried the complete look.

Formal Look

Vanshika has styled those earrings and rings elegantly with her formal outfit
Those shades are looking perfect on Akshita

Ethnic Look

That slingy is going well with Megha’s outfit

Casual Look

Love how she added colorful accessories and make a simple LBD look so cool!
Purnima has paired the perfect head band with her casual outfit
Yashasvi is looking super cool with those shades and slingy

Fusion Look

Ahsmita has styled that handcuff so elegantly
Loving everything what Gunjan styled

We have also compiled all the lovely moments in a video below which you should not miss definitely. Here you go!

At last, I would like to throw some highlight to the team of the photographers without whom the event won’t be successful.

Taniya DasGupta

She has so amazing photography skills and she go above and beyond to have a perfect click.

Check out her page — https://www.instagram.com/tainted.perfection


He is so perfect in street and cafe photography.

Check out his page — https://www.instagram.com/rishu_fotographie

Aayush Gwal

Ayush is good at indoor shoots and he does videography too.

Check out his page — https://www.instagram.com/aayush_gwal


He comes out with so interesting concepts for shoots. We love his portraits.

Check out his page — https://www.instagram.com/portrait.maker

Stay tuned to our stories and our posts for updates about other events.

This article was written by Purnima Madaan and edited by Shreya Dalela

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Learning blog 2 — Simple hacks to create content daily for your blog

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? This week we decided to address one of your biggest concerns — creating great content for your blog everyday.

Here are some super cool ideas to experiment with for your blog. And the best part is that you can use these hacks simply at home or a nearby location. They won’t need huge investment of time!

1. Have an inspiration board

Inspiration is very necessary to create a good quality content. You can take reference from Pinterest and Magazines. Make your boards on Pinterest and save some poses which can be taken easily.

You can also save pictures that inspire you on Instagram in your Instagram collection.

Referring to this inspiration board will ensure that you never run out of ideas.

2. Search for the correct lightening

Light plays a very important role when it comes to taking a picture at home. Select the right time to shoot generally it is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.

Choose a location at your home near a window or in the balcony where you get some great natural light during those hours. Put on a great smile and you’re ready to have a great picture!

Photo Credits — https://instagram.com/maggi.says

3. Make use of some cool props

You can purchase some cool stuff and use them at home like artificial flowers, a cute mug, small paper creatures et.al. There are at least a dozen simple creative ideas related to props that you can try at home.

Try using at least one prop while shooting or getting clicked. Be it a chair, a rose, fairy lights, normal plain bed sheet etc. Even you can get a picture clicked while using laptop, reading book or maybe just with a pencil. It’s all upto your creativity, how you can make use of props.

Using flowers as props –

Photo Credits — http://swagitup.co.in/

Making use of food props like donuts

PC : https://www.instagram.com/missstylefiesta/

Using simple props you can find at home

Photo Credits : https://www.instagram.com/larissa_wlc/

4. Create your own mini studio at home

You can get creative and use different bed sheets of various colours and patterns as the backdrop.

PC : https://www.instagram.com/maggi.says/?hl=en

You can also set up some fairy lights at home to create some amazing content. Fairy lights gives an amazing touch to the picture, just hold it and play with it.

Image Credits — https://www.instagram.com/deekshakhurana/

You can even try creating a rainbow effect with the help of a compact disc.

You can make classic yet good backgrounds in your home only using daily newspapers, gift wrapping papers etc. Just place them in a good manner, and you are good to go for a easy yet different picture.

Photo Credits : https://www.instagram.com/thefabricfad/

5. Take creative mirror selfies

Best part about these is that you need not depend on anyone to get these clicked.

Yes, you just need the long mirror here. Mirror selfies are the second best thing to post on Instagram. And the best thing about mirror selfies is that you can see your face expressions and body language. Give it a try if you haven’t yet.

Photo Credits — https://www.instagram.com/imoanmueller/

6. Add accessories to make even the simplest looks interesting

Accessories can attract your audience attention. Use different type of accessories as per your look.

Photo Credits — https://www.instagram.com/thatbohogirl/

7. Identify the most clickable and accessible places around your home

Even in park, there are so many ways to recreate photos. Don’t try recreating looks of other bloggers. But definitely recreating some poses will always help to create good content.

Getting clicked in parks

Photo Credits — https://www.instagram.com/purnimamadaan/

Identify the streets around you to get clicked at

Image Credits — https://www.instagram.com/komalpandeyofficial/?hl=en

13) Don’t try to take zoom in pictures.

It decreases your content quality. Instead, crop them after taking the picture.

14) Add magic to ordinary photos with great editing

Make sure to edit every picture in a good way. You can use apps like Snapseed, Facetune2 to edit your pictures. I bet, they won’t even take more than 3–4 mins to edit a picture. And if you are the one, who wants to post content in some color theme- then you can use Preview app.

Ordinary photo edited by Mahi Bakshi to add a cool background. PC — https://www.instagram.com/the.wanderlust.soul/

Check out how she edited this photo in the video below –

15) Work on your expressions

Your expressions can bring life to your entire look and make your pictures amazing. For this, watch youtube videos to learn and get inspired. If your expressions are good, more photographers would love to collaborate with you. Even if the background is not good, the expressions and editing can add that ‘wow factor’ and make your feed look super amazing.

So, that’s all guys! I hope you got some amazing ideas from this blog post to try out in coming week. We look forward to seeing you use some of these ideas to create content this week.

Let’s know if you enjoyed reading this blog post. This blog was compiled by your community curators Purnima Madan and Stuti Gupta. So, you can let them know if you loved it. ❤️️

Stay tuned for next week’s learnings.

Lots of love, 
Marsplay Team 💌

This blog was written exclusively for Marsplay Community members.