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What if we told you that you could wear your summer dresses in the winter? Yes! You have heard that right!  You can wear your summer dresses in winter too, and all it takes is a little bit of layering knowledge. This winter you don’t need to box your summer dresses because we have some awesome hacks for how you can style summer dresses in winters perfectly. They look super cool and chic yet feel warm and comfortable. All you have to do is style them right and you’ll be winter ready in no time!

1. Maxi Summer Dresses In Winter

Summer dress in winterMaxi dresses can be worn even in the middle of the winter, and all it takes to make them cosy enough is an oversized pullover. Don’t ditch your maxi dress this winter. Make it super cool this season by pairing up your maxi dress with a chunky solid sweater and belt it to give a finished look to the outfit. All you need is to pick the right piece of sweater from your wardrobe and make your summer wardrobe for winters also. We are pretty much sure that winters are not meant for boring clothes.

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2.  Shirt Summer Dress For Winter

Summer Dress in Winter

A white shirt dress might seem a very summery piece, however, you can make it winter-ready by layering it with a dark colour coat. We love the way @Nupur added some colour to her lovely, crisp white dress using a bold jacket. This shirt dress outfit can be used extra ordinarily in winters by adding super tall socks or boots.

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3. Summer Playsuit in Winter

Summer Dress in WinterPlaysuit unfortunately, take a backseat as soon as it’s time for winter. But this season, don’t let them down. A playsuit dress can be worn nicely in winters too if you are pairing it along with a long overcoat. This red colour coat is adding a hue to the basic black and white outfit. Seeing how winters can be super drab and lazy, a little bit of colour is just what you need to brighten things up. Add stockings and ankle boots for the complete winter vibes.

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4. Maxi Dress with Long BootsSummer Dress in Winter

Never underestimate the power of long boots. Boots are one thing that you should definitely have in your winter wardrobe. There are many options that you can pair your boots with from summer dresses to jeans and look super stylish. Although, maxi dresses are usually considered summer clothes, but work even better in winter by pairing it with boots. Give this outfit a try for this winter season.

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5. Summer Dress with coats

Summer dress in winter

Instead of hiding your summer dress in a long sweeping coat opt for a cropped jacket and go tights-free. Layering with a coat is always a better option so that you can flaunt your pretty summer dress. You can wear a warm sweater underneath to keep yourself warm and comfy. This look will surely earn endless compliments from onlookers.

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6. T-shirt Dress in winter

Summer Dress in winter

If you’ve been pulling out the same turtleneck-and-jeans combo for days in a row now, you might have been bored with the winter season already. Don’t worry—we have the perfect street style look for you. It is a great way to add some weight to your t-shirt dress by pairing it with high socks and a striped sweater inside. We love the high socks and sneakers which is making it a statement look.

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7. Floral Dress in Winter

Summer dress in winter

Floral is normally identified with the coming of spring, but try wearing floral print this winter. Don’t put away the floral these winters! They have the potential to look adorable and stylish be it any season. Renew your summer floral dress for this upcoming winter. You just have to add ankle boots to the summer dress and you’re all set to sizzle!

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8. Slip On Dress in Winter

Summer Dress in Winter

There are some great ways to wear your slip dress, even when the temperature dips. The key ingredient in this whole endeavour is layering. Wear your formal white shirt and layer it with your slip dress. Team up this with a trench coat to give it a unique look. Lastly, take out your fancy boots and you are good to go! Trust us, this look is going to be all the rage this season!  And there are a ton of other ways to stay warm with your slip dress this fall, while still being stylish.

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Above are all the summer dresses which you can style in winters very easily. All you need is some basic winter stuff like long boots, overcoats, jackets that you must be already having in your wardrobe. This winter glam up your style game with your fashionable summer outfits. Tell us if you find it interesting! 🙂 Don’t forget to tag us when you post a look.

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